We provides Knowledge and Experience in the area of Electronics, for the Media And Entertainment Industry.

We always develops and customizes open source/free software for the entertainment and media industry.

We provides us leading presence across the Media and Entertainment area having domain over Encoding, Decoding, Encryption, Decryption, Image Processing,2D and 3D works, Forensic Watermarking and Data streaming.

Our Company


Cinesoft  Pvt. Ltd is a private limited company incorporated in January 2009 under the Indian Companies Act 1956 (No.1 of 1956).  Registered office is located at Blue Moon Arcade, Temple Road, Kadavanthra, Cochin, Kerala,  India.

We promise continuous research,product innovation and improved services to see that industry expectations are met on an exemplary manner. We will always focuses on bringing the most creative and innovative products to Indian and International market to make our associates enjoy the benefit of technology integration and success.

Now Cinesoft enjoys the status of a global player in the areas of infotainment and also in the areas of encoding,decoding,decryption, image processing, forensic watermarking and data streaming etc.

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